Wishlist Member Tips about Content Dripping

If you are thinking about dripping your content or you are already doing so and want to improve your site’s flow and structure then these are the tips for you:

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Tip #67: 5 Content Dripping Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are thinking of dripping your content, or if you are already doing so and you want to make sure you are doing it right to maximize your revenues and your members’ satisfaction, then this tip is exactly for you.

What You Get in this Tip?

  • We have gathered the 5 most common content dripping mistakes we are seeing on a daily basis among our clients to help you take advantage of content dripping better.

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Tip #63: 6 Powerful Methods to Delivering Content to Your Members

There are many different ways to deliver content to members to create urgency, make them want to upgrade their membership, increase their engagement, not cancel their subscription and more.

What You Get in this Tip?

In this tip we collected some of the most common ways to deliver content inside the members’ area, including:

  • Displaying chunks of content inside any post or page visible only to specific membership levels
  • Upgrading members from membership level/ s to other levels after x number of days / weeks / months / years
  • Change the protection settings of any post or page (levels / pay-per-posts / make content unprotected etc.)
  • Display chunks of content according to each member’s registration date
  • Schedule content to be delivered according to membership level
  • Manage your content to be deleted / re-posted / moved to a new category etc.

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Tip #50: How to Drip Content using Wishlist Member & Which Option to Choose

Content dripping is an important and very common way to deliver content inside a closed membership site.

Many of our customers keep asking us how can they drip content using Wishlist Member and what is the best way to do it.

What You Get in the Tip?

  • Options available to drip content when using Wishlist Member
  • When you should use every option
  • Tips for content dripping the right way

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Tip #43: How to Achieve Different Actions with Your Membership Site’s Content

Every membership site owner has a different structure, flow and specifications for his membership site.

A very big part of the membership site is obviously the content itself.

While talking to our clients, usually each of them is looking for a different or even slightly different content structure.

Many times, the structure they want requires custom development, but in many cases, the solution they are looking for already exists, they are just not familiar with it.

And this is exactly why we created this tip…

What You Get in this Tip?

In this tip we have collected different solutions that will help you achieve different actions with your content, including:

  • Schedule posts to be published automatically (content dripping)
  • Archive content automatically
  • Re-post content automatically
  • Delete content automatically
  • Sell content separately (as pay-per-post)

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Tip #34: 7 Powerful Tactics to Creating Urgency & Get a Lot More Registrations to Your Wishlist Membership Site

Urgency is a great way to help people make a decision faster, however, there is one important thing you should always remember… Don’t make false statements.

If you are giving away a special prize for early-birds registrations / give time-limited offers etc. then you must block these offers when in the time or date you specified, otherwise people will no longer believe you and the “urgency” you want to create will not have the same effect the next time…

Here are 7 killer urgency tactics to help you BOOST your registrations and increase your sales.

What You Get in the Tip?

  • 7 powerful tactics that will create urgency in your potential clients, increase the registrations to your membership site, sales and revenues
  • 7 different Wishlist Member dedicated plugins to help you create each of the urgency tactics

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Tip #10: Should You Drip Your Content or Not?

Many membership sites owners are dealing with that question when they build their membership site.

In this tip we go over the most popular pros of content dripping vs. delivering all the content in advance.

What You Get From the Tip?

  • The pros of Content Dripping
  • The Pros of Delivering All the Content in Advance
  • Content Dripping Plugin Specifically for Wishlist Member
  • The Bottom Line: Should I Drip My Content or Not?

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