Wishlist Member 2.8 is Here

Wishlist Member  2.8
Important Update: Wishlist Member already has a newer version 2.9 >> Check it in this link

As of today Wishlist Products has released a new version of Wishlist Member plugin now in version 2.8.

Although the small change in the version number the Wishlist Member v2.8 is bringing a lot of new changes to the table.

Just from the first view of the product the Wishlist Member team has done a great work and added some very strong features that every membership site owner will need for improving and growing his membership website revenue stream.

You will find that the changes has been made in the new few version are all around the Wishlist Member plugin and we know the even that we didn’t tried those features we are going to love them

Here are some of the changes that you can find in the new version of Wishlist Member:

Autoresponder Integrations:

  • arpReach

  • Improved MailChimp

  • Improved Infusionsoft

  • Call Loop

  • Mad Mimi

  • ActiveCampaign

Shopping Cart Integrations:

  • eWAY

  • Recurly

  • Spreedly

  • Stripe

  • Improved Clickbank (Supports PitchPlus Upsell)

  • Improved Infusionsoft (Add and Remove Tags on Registration, Removal and Cancelation)

  • Support Paypal echeck payments

Webinar Integrations:

  • Easy Webinar

  • Evergreen Business Systems

  • Gotowebinar API

Wishlist Member v2.8 - New Integration List

Members Tab:

  • Advanced Search

  • Saved Search

Short Codes / Merge Codes:

  • [wlm_contentlevels] – shows the membership levels that has access to a post/page whenever he is redirected to a wrong membership level.

  • [has_access] & [has_no_access] short codes

  • [wlm_userpayperpost] – lists all of a user’s pay per posts

Email Broadcast:

  • Allow sending email broadcast to Saved Search

Pay Per Post:

  • Capability to add/remove pay per post to/from multiple users in the members tab

  • Added Option to prevent the deletion of posts/pages assigned as pay per post.

  • Added hooks when a pay per post is added to a user.

Members Import / Export:

  • Include custom fields when exporting with full data

  • Support for custom fields when importing members

  • Added support for importing and exporting members with multiple membership level


  • Improved registration form layout. The new registration form is no longer table based and is responsive. Can be enabled under Settings->Configuration->Miscellaneous

  • Added capability to add custom message to registration form by passing the GET variable wlm_reg_msg to the registration URL.

  • Added new hooks for user registration

  • Added option for enabling the redirect for existing members when the email is already in use after shopping cart payment

Sequential Upgrade:

  • Added option to sequentially upgrade on specific date

  • Added option to sequentially upgrade on x days/weeks/months/years

Other New Features:

  • Option/feature to shorten continue registration links for incomplete registrations

  • Email reminder notification for Expiring Members.

  • Added Password Hint feature

  • Moved WishList Member to its own Top Level Menu

  • Added support icon tab

  • Added option under Settings->Logs to send anonymous data to server.

  • Improved Membership Levels tab interface

Adding to all the new feature:

Wishlist Member v2.8 is now even more faster  the performance changes includes:

  • Integrations fixes and patches
  • Member Import/Export flow
  • Sequential Upgrade improvement code 
  • Database speed

In next days we are going to release a in-depth review the new version features and changes and the how this changes will make it worth to you.

Mean while you can see more information at:  Wishlist Member websites.

* The main sales does not include now all the information about the changes but will be updates in the next few days.

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