Powerful Tips for Beginner Wishlist Member Users

If you are only starting to build your membership site and you are not sure how to structure it, what is the pricing model you should choose, which theme to use, whether or not you should drip your content and more then these tips are exactly for you.

In this post we gathered all the must-read tips especially for new Wishlist Member users who are only starting to build their membership site.

Important note: These tips are not limited to beginners only!

Management Tips:

Tip #26: Wishlist Member Membership Site Pre-Launch Checklist

Tip #27: Stand-Alone Membership Site using Wishlist Member vs. Hosted Course Platform

Tip #29: How to Choose a Theme for Your Membership Site Plus Recommended Themes to Use with Wishlist Member

Tip #36: Should You Build Your Membership Site on a Separate Domain on Not?

Tip #45: Reasons Why You Should Limit the Registration Capacity to Your Membership Site

Content Tips:

Tip #10: Should You Drip Your Content or Not?

Tip #24: 5 Tips to Increasing Sales Using Downloadable PDF files inside a Closed Membership Site

Tip #63: 6 Powerful Methods to Delivering Content to Your Members

Pricing Tips:

Tip #23: 5 Powerful Models to Pricing Your Membership Site

Tip #31: Choosing the Most Suitable Shopping Cart Service for Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

Tip #55: How to Protect Your Videos to be Viewed by Members Only

Tip #56: Monthly vs. Annual Subscription – Which is More Converting?

Tip #58: Free vs. Paid Trial Period for Your Membership Site

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I am a full-time internet marketer, I help people establish successful membership sites for about 3 years now. I am a project manager at HappyPlugins.com - An online store for WordPress and Wishlist Member plugins.

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