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Wishlist Member Tips Series

Tip #3 – Must Have Plugins for Managing Your Membership Site

In this tip we gathered the most popular plugins we are using to make our lives much easier when building and managing our membership sites and our clients’ membership sites.

This a list we share only with our clients and we built it since we noticed that many are not familiar with these plugins, and we wanted to save them time in the process of building their sites.

This is a complete suit of plugins that is extremely useful and saves valuable time.

The list is divided to both free and paid plugins.

We hope you will benefit from it as much as we do!

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Wishlist Auto Registration – 6 New Shopping Carts Integrations Now Available

Wishlist Auto Registration is a plugin that automates the registration process and allows registering members automatically to any Wishlist Member based membership site.

Till now, the plugin supported only Clickbank and PayPal shopping carts.

We are happy to announce that Wishlist Auto Registration is now available for all the following shopping carts.

Wishlist Auto Registration Shopping Carts Integration

Wishlist Auto Registration Shopping Carts Integrations

How Can You Get the Plugin?

To give you the option to purchase only the shopping carts integrations you need, every shopping cart is sold separately as an Add On.

You only need to purchase Wishlist Auto Registration – Core plugin which includes PayPal integration + the add-ons you need from these options: Clickbank, InfusionSoft, Authorize.net, 2CheckOut, 1ShoppingCart, eWay, Pin Payments.

Get more information about the add-ons here

The Complete Plugins Repository for Empowering Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

The Complete Plugins Repository for Empowering Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

Many of our clients have asked us if there is one place that gathers all the available plugins for Wishlist Member.

We believe this kind of a repository is very important for everyone who is using Wishlist Member.

There are some very powerful plugins that can really help you empower your membership site and increase your revenues.

We are happy to announce The Complete Repository for Wishlist Dedicated Plugins.

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Wishlist Member Plugins Complete Repository

Wishlist Member Plugins Complete Repository

New: The Only Wizard for Wishlist Plugins!

We gathered all of the Wishlist dedicated plugins in one place – 65 plugins so far

Following the Wizard’d paths you will find the plugins you really need within seconds!

Go to the WLM Wizard in this Link

Welcome to the largest repository for Wishlist dedicated plugins & guides!

Here you will find all the available plugins to empower your membership site and maximize your revenues.

We update the repository on a monthly basis.

Plugin of the Month: Wishlist Auto Registration – For Automatic Registration Process

Quick Navigation Links

Please use the quick navigation below to navigate through 43 available plugins & guides:

Content Plugins (19)

Get more control over your membership site’s content, enhance it and make it even more powerful using these powerful content plugins

Members Plugins (12)

Create a thriving community, increase your members’ satisfaction and engagement using these powerful plugins

Registration Plugins (7)

Increase the number of registrations to your membership site and prevent cancellations using these powerful registration plugins

Administration Plugins (7)

Manage your membership site’s structure and design to empower it for your members using these administration plugins

Affiliates Plugins (3)

Maximize your membership site’s revenues by offering a powerful affiliate resources and tools for your affiliates using these plugins

Wishlist Dedicated Guides (6)

Premium guides about membership sites in general and Wishlist Member in particular to enhance your membership site. Choose the guides you need

WooCommerce Dedicated Plugins (4)

Integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with WooCommerce platform quickly and easily in just i-click!

Easy Digital Downloads Dedicated Plugins (2)

Integrate your Wishlist Member membership site with Easy Digital Downloads platform quickly and easily in just i-click!

Wishlist Member bbPress Integration (1)

Protect both new and existing topics and replies within the bbPress forums using Wishlist Member protection settings



Repository is powered by Wishlist Dojo

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Happy Plugins Store

Happy Plugins – The Largest Store for Wishlist Member Dedicated Plugins and More…

We are launching a new eCommerce site for WordPress plugins called Happy Plugins.

Happy Plugins website will include a large variety of plugins we have developed over the years for clients and for our own personal use.

We are uploading new plugins on a daily basis, so you may notice some of the have a “coming soon” notification.

Plugins that does not have the “coming soon” notification are available for purchase/ download.

Currently Available Plugins

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Wishlist Member and Wordpress 3.6

Wishlist Member & WordPress 3.6

WordPress 3.6 is the latest version of WordPress that has been released today in the final version. Like in any other version WordPress developers added a lot of new features to the core system, removed some functions and fixed some issues that were found in version 3.5.2.

You can find more on all the new features that has been added to WordPress 3.6 at WordPress.org news section, check out the funny video that the WordPress developers team has made.

Wordpress 3.6 Post Formats UI

WordPress 3.6 Post Formats UI

Because most of our websites have Wishlist Member plugin installed on them, then the real question that we ask ourselves with every new version that comes out is: Does Wishlist Member work with this new WordPress 3.6 version?

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Does Wishlist Auto Registration Work with WooCommerce ?

What WordPress Plugins We Use on This Website?


Hi Guys,

I will be happy to know,  what wordpress plugins do you use to power this website?

Regards, Andrew

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Does Wishlist Auto Registration Work with WooCommerce ?

How Can I add Tables to Wishlist Member Sale Page?



I want to add a table to my sales page?

I have tried to use the regular HTML table format but the WordPress editor is changing the code and my tables look really bad.

Is this problem related to wishlist member plugin protection?

How can I add tables to Wishlist Member Sale Page?

Thanks,  Brice

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Does Wishlist Auto Registration Work with WooCommerce ?

Does Thesis theme compatible with Wishlist Member?


Purchase Wishlist Member plugin through this link or through any of the links in this page and get* our exclusive plugins that are NOT available for sale anywhere else:

Wishlist Quick Access & Wishlist Content Protection Display

* According to the licence you purchase and according to the details in the button below:

Get All the Details on the Special Gift Here



Lately I have found out about the Thesis theme and I want to know, Does Thesis theme compatible with Wishlist Member?

I don’t want to invest money on something that doesn’t work

Hope you will answer to me quickly,


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Wishlist Member Complete Review and Overview

WishList Member Plugin V2.8 Complete Review and Overview

*** Important Update:

Wishlist  has released their latest version 2.9 and we wrote a complete review and overview of the version.

Get the review of version 2.9 in this link

Wishlist Member is a WordPress plugin for creating membership sites.

By installing the plugin you turn your website into a complete functioning membership site very quickly and easily.

We have been working with Wishlist Member platform since its early days and it has tremendously improved over the years.

As for now, since the Wishlist team has released their latest version 2.8, it has become the most advanced and updated platform for building membership sites so far!

The Wishlist team is doing an amazing job in pushing their plugin forward and constantly upgrading and adjusting it to their clients’ needs.

After going through several plugins and platforms, we are confidant there is absolutely no other platform that will give you so much and help you build a professional and successful membership site.

We hope our thorough review and overview of Wishlist will help you make the best decision for your business.

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